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This app that pays you for downloading and trying new applications on android & iphone. It is called Feature Points.  Use the code V7B8GF to earn your first 50 points you can use towards Paypal cash, gift cards, electronics, concert tickets, etc!
You can sign up here (it’s best if you click on this link on your mobile browser). Feel free to msg me any questions you have.
Like if you used my code :) & I’ll check out your blog & probably follow you!

omg I made $25 during lunch playing games haha! Tysm for sharing this <3

I just bought One Direction concert tickets from the money I made in only 3 days from this app! It’s literally THE BEST!!

omfg I just gained 82 followers from downloading this app and reblogging this post!
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That’s $2000 in Australian money. It’s how much I’ve earned so far from using something called  featurepoints. I have included written proof with my URL to show that the picture and money is actually mine. (as requested by a number of people)
Do you want this too? CLICK HERE for detailed instructions and proof. All you basically do is test out free apps, get points and redeem those points for gift cards or real money!
Also, reblog this if you want to show your followers. (only the nice vertical picture of my money should show up on your blog anyway.) I will try to help you earn your first $50 as well if i see that you have reblogged this.
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This is actually legitimate. i have earned like $100 from using this app thing. Its slow at first but once the ball is rolling, you can get so many points! and redeem those for prizes! i have $50 in paypal and $50 in itunes. So i suggest my followers try this!! thanks mutualize :)
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Anonymous: I just wanted to tell you that I think you're a very beautiful girl^-^

Thanks. But I’m really not pretty at all. I wish I got more things in my inbox. I wish I knew who you were!!! 馃挍馃挍馃挍馃挍

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